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Mazda wants new CMO to lead upscale climb

il y a 3 heures 58 min
Mazda's new US marketing chief, Dino Bernacchi, joins the brand at a precarious time, as it attempts to move from its youthful 'Zoom Zoom' image into a higher tier.

Nissan's new design chief on following a legend

il y a 3 heures 58 min
After 30 years in Nissan studios around the world, Alfonso Albaisa has become Nissan's first non-Japanese head of global design. He's ready - even if it means laying down his pencil.

Ford-GM gap isn't as wide as it looks

il y a 3 heures 58 min
Ford and General Motors' first-quarter results aren't necessarily emblematic of how each company will look later in the year.

Nismo's global expansion could bring performance pickup

29 avr. 2017 - 05:01
Nissan's Nismo performance tuner sub-brand plans a massive global push over the next five years.

For Lexus sedans, it could be do or die

29 avr. 2017 - 05:01
With car sales falling at Lexus, Toyota's top branding officer says the luxury line is contemplating sedans that are more casual and sporty - and maybe even a station wagon.

FNR-X concept spotlights Chevy's new technology

29 avr. 2017 - 05:01
Chevrolet's Chinese FNR-X crossover shows off new elements that will appear in production vehicles.

Car Dogs' have their day on screen

29 avr. 2017 - 05:01
A new feature film about a day in the life of a car dealership resonated with some store employees who could identify with the long hours, the hypercompetitive atmosphere and the sense of camaraderie among stressed-out salespeople.

Self-driving technology could boost market for mergers and acquisitions

29 avr. 2017 - 05:01
The race to deploy self-driving cars could bring new life to the mergers and acquisitions market.

Tesla must complete brake fix to regain top safety rating, Consumer Reports says

29 avr. 2017 - 04:11
Tesla needs to complete fixing its Model S sedan emergency braking system to regain Consumer Reports' top safety rating, the magazine said on Friday, noting that a recent update by the luxury electric car maker was not enough.

Tesla looks to Mexico to lure engineers for California plant

28 avr. 2017 - 22:11
Tesla has been actively hiring for assembly-line jobs as it prepares to launch U.S. output of the Model 3. But finding manufacturing engineers, who are in even shorter supply than software engineers in Silicon Valley, has been a tougher challenge.

Ford gets visit from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

28 avr. 2017 - 19:55
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, in his first trip to Michigan, stopped by Ford's Rouge Complex and helped build an F-150 pickup truck.

Apple, automakers suggest changes to California's self-driving car testing policies

28 avr. 2017 - 19:36
Apple asked California to make changes in its proposed self-driving car policies, the latest sign the company is pursuing driverless car technology. Automakers also suggested changes.

SiriusXM acquires connected-vehicle services company for $115 million

28 avr. 2017 - 18:19
SiriusXM reached further into connected-vehicle services by completing the acquisition of Automatic Labs for $115 million in cash.

Used-car retailer Carvana's shares skid in debut

28 avr. 2017 - 16:49
Shares of used-car retailer Carvana fell 26 percent below the company's initial pricing in their Wall Street debut on Friday.

Group 1's first-quarter profits slip on Oil Patch struggles

28 avr. 2017 - 16:19
Group 1 Automotive said first-quarter earnings fell nearly 1 percent, citing weakness in US energy markets that countered an otherwise healthy quarter.

GM wouldn't benefit from Trump tax plan for years, but supports reform

28 avr. 2017 - 15:46
GM broadly supports President Trump's effort to cut corporate taxes but wouldn't benefit for about five years because of the huge losses it incurred leading up to its 2009 bankruptcy.

GM supports Trump tax plan, but wouldn't benefit for years

28 avr. 2017 - 15:46
GM broadly supports President Trump's plan to cut corporate taxes but wouldn't benefit for about five years because of the huge losses it incurred leading up to its 2009 bankruptcy.

Uber demotes executive at center of Waymo self-driving car lawsuit

28 avr. 2017 - 14:41
Anthony Levandowsk stepped down from his post overseeing self-driving car technology. Uber said he won't be involved in decisions relating to lidar technology.

Apple's autonomous test vehicle photographed in Silicon Valley

28 avr. 2017 - 14:28
Almost two weeks after Apple secured permission to test its autonomous-car technology in California, the first images of the vehicle have been captured on Silicon Valley roads.

GM's Q1 profit surges 34% on North America strength

28 avr. 2017 - 12:45
GM defied a slowdown in the U.S. market in posting its highest first-quarter profit since emerging from bankruptcy. The results were aided by a buildup in inventory, which portends a rougher financial performance later this year.

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