Archive - Sep 16, 2019

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Climate emergency, industrial emergency, social emergency: how to arrange the three-way race?

Bet your job
The state of emergency in which the automotive industry finds itself at the end of 2019 gives rise, in Frankfurt and elsewhere, to a complex interplay of influence in which everyone backs their words to a cause that is a priori legitimate to counter another stakeholder who invokes another one.
A year ago, the EU based its injunctions on the climate emergency. Car manufacturers and governments alike are sensitive to the financial imperative and would like SUV sales to be able to continue to generate cash to cover losses on EVs for the former, and to finance inventives for the latter     .
Trade unions, SMEs and regions that rely on automobile clusters to keep jobs are seeing factories weakened and the number of jobs destroyed in the automotive sector. They fear that those created by electrification will not be of much concern to them.
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ACEA changes feet and heads to push electrification

"Angels and Demons" party in Brussels
On September 4, ACEA organized a conference entitled "Leading the mobility transformation".
It is in this context that it was announced that the Manufacturers' Association had co-signed a joint letter with Transport and Environment and Eurelectric (association of electrical industries) calling on the European and national authorities to accelerate the implementation of all the measures that will enable the massive electrification desired by the politicians to become effective.
At stake of course, are the continuation of the various forms of aid for the purchase of electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids and the increase in the use of charging infrastructures.
Taking up the famous theme of the "right to plug", T&E states on this subject:
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