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Dear members of the International Steering Committee,
2 1/2 months on before our annual colloquium. 
(and 2 1/2 months after our January mini conference and sterring committee
- the attached follow up document was never sent, our apologies).
Our abstract collection campaign has been going well. We are approving
abstracts and will be sending instructions with them. However we are still
waiting for our registration website to be unlocked.

In the meantime you will find attached the list of abstracts. We
have 71 of them and hopefully can still expect a few from regular members
(Sigfrido, Tommaso, GG Calabrese, Stephane Heim,
Roberto Marx, Adriana Marotti de Mello, Antje Blöcker, Dan Coffey,
Takahiro Fujimoto, Hua Wang...?).
Many contributors have submitted several proposals, which is a sure
sign our conference is a good place to have one's work discussed, but also
indicates we could still attract more people to enlarge the circle.
Could please any of you who has in mind the name of colleagues check
the list and spot missing names, especially in her/his country?
In particular, we could have a much stronger presence from  />
- EU/European countries (UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia,
Turkey... France too even though a young generation of talented researchers
is rising), 
- the US/Canada, 
- Asia at large (only 10 abstracts from Japanese/Korean colleagues, only 1
Chinese in addition to our PhD student here... albeit non Chinese
researchers amongst are frocusing on China this still makes a very low
ratio of GERPISA papers per car manufactured in China...). 
- Some Mexican or Brazilian colleagues we are used to see are still
We still have a thorough checking of IJATMan authors and previous
participants to do, but please do not hesitate to send a list of names (cc
all), and of course to circulate the CfP again in your networks. Of course
we can't accept proposals at the end of May but we won't refuse an abstract
sent with just a short delay.
The ISC meeting will take place on Saturday, 15th of June, in the
There will be a double factory visit, starting early, on Tuesday, 11th
of June. If interested please be first to register once you receive
abstract approval.
We haven't heard of some of you (who will feel concerned I hope)
for some time. 
We hope you're doing fine, but we miss you and
would like to keep in touch, may be see you in the near
Gery & Tommaso
Géry Deffontaines

Chargé de recherche
ENS Cachan
61 avenue du Président Wilson
94 235 Cachan Cedex, France

bureau        +33(0)1 47 40 59 50
mob. perso    +33(0)6 12 89 27 83

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