Europe and sustainable mobility. What's next?

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Conference Paper


Philippe Jean


Gerpisa colloquium, Berlin (2010)


Commission Européenne, devéloppement durable, politique industrielle, politique pubblique, véhicule décarbonné, voiture électrique



  • The pace of change has accelerated since the CARS21 mid-term vision (October 2008);
  • The increased efficiency of the combustion engine has reduced the CO2 emissions quicker than anticipated;
  • The crisis and the economic measures taken has reduced the size of cars and engines with lower total CO2 emissions as a results
Environmental Issues and the impact in the Automotive Industry




  • Global Warming increased awareness;
  • CO2 emissions (legislation adopted from the EU Parliament on December 2008);
  • EURO V – particulate EURO VI – NOx
  • National CO2 taxation
  • Regional environmental regulations

Development of new low carbon technologies


  • The primary aim is to reduce energy consumption and pollution by developing increasingly energy efficient vehicles through improving powertrain management (engines, transmission and driveline).
  • These vehicles will be adaptable to new, sustainable fuels, but a balanced process for energy generation is needed.
  • We believe that it is possible to develop mobility based on renewable energy sources but that in order to ensure security of supply we will have a mix of fuels.





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