How to keep manufacturing capabilities at home? An approach in terms of Design-Based comparative advantage - Seminaire de la Fondation France-Japon de l'EHESS

14 Mai 2010 - 11:00 - 13:00

EHESS, Salle des Lombard
96, Boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris

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Pourquoi la désindustrialisation n'est-elle pas considérée comme un problème au Japon, et ce malgré la proximité de la Chine, dont la concurrence commence à se faire sentir dans certaines industries?


In this paper, we propose an architecture-based hypothesis of comparative advantage, which predicts that
a good “fit” between “organizational capacities of manufacturing” — that companies have built up over their
histories — and product-process architecture (i.e., basic design concepts for product function, structures
and processes), tends to result in international competitiveness. This hypothesis is supported by an
empirical analysis. It suggests the possibility of a new development direction in international trade theory.


Takahiro FUJIMOTO is professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo and Director of the
Manufacturing Management Research Center. Professor Fujimoto’s long-term research objectives have
been technology and operation management, especially in three areas: production management, product
development, and suppliers’ management. He is a worldwide recognized specialist of the Toyota
Productive System and the author of numerous books and articles, among others: The Evolution of a
Manufacturing System.


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